15 Feb 2017

STDs are transmitted from one person to another through different types of unsafe and unprotected sexual activities. The best STD testing in San Antonio can diagnose if you have been infected with STD. There are many awareness programs carried out by the government and useful information about STDs are found in the site

Genital Herpes is a kind of STD which is alarmingly spreading among people. Let’s get some basic insight about Genital Herpes. It is very commonly found in the age group of fifteen to fifty. The fluids present in the herpes sores spread the STD virus through anal, vaginal and oral sex.

The virus enters the body through the skin and passes through the nerve path. When the virus become active sores, start appearing in the genital parts, rectum or the mouth. This virus is quickly spread to the other person through different types of sex and bodily contact. The only way to avoid the spread of this virus is using condoms. Men are women can contract this virus through unprotected sex.

The symptoms of Genital Herpes is silent and unnoticeable. Symptoms also vary from person to person, some people start getting sore outbreaks within weeks, and some might experience after a years’ time also. The little sores which usually appear in the genital area, mouth or the rectum can be mistaken for some allergy. The sores many stays for a longer time. During the outbreak, some people can experience flu and body ache.

It is advised to get yourself tested by a doctor for STD if you find sores and fever. Some women and men might experience discharge which has a foul smell and itching around the genital area. Some women experience pain during urination also. Sometimes Genital Herpes can be mistaken as a common bacterial infection. The doctor would prescribe for a test to diagnose Genital Herpes. A swab or blood test can confirm the infection of Genital Herpes.

Early diagnoses can help you prevent spreading it to others and avoid the repeated outbreaks also. There is no cure as such for this STD. If untreated the sores can be very painful and you can spread the infection to other parts of your body. If you have unprotected sex, contracting HIV through the sores is very high. Genital Herpes is easily spread to other people because they spread easily through the skin or mouth sores during sex, it needn’t be vaginal sex always.

Genital Herpes can be life threatening for some people. You can experience severe pain and need to be on medication lifelong because there is no cure. It can cause physiological and emotional stress to an infected person.

There are chances that pregnant women can pass on the infection to a child if proper diagnosis and treatment are undertaken. The doctor has to be informed, and appropriate medication should be taken before delivery so that you don't experience an outbreak during the delivery. If there is an outbreak during pregnancy, the child can be infected as well.

These are some of the symptoms and preventions for Genital Herpes. With proper diagnosis, treatment, and medication you can lead a healthy and stress-free life.

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