6 Jun 2017

The Innate Beauty Of Natural Birth Achieved Through Yoga

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Giving birth to a new life, a baby is itself a beautiful process. Nothing in the world can be compared to the beauty of giving birth to a little one. Even the Seven Wonders of the World would bow down to the wonder of giving birth to a new life into this world. The bonding between a mother and her baby, the selfless love she showers on her little one, nothing can ever be compared to this magical love. The beauty of natural birth is way beyond words. Through a path of deep physical pain, you attain the immense joy of the soul. But the pain can be lessened or can be trivialized through yoga and meditation. The goddess of childbirth, Nancy Lucina helps you achieve that inner bliss through yoga. The website that offers guidance to health, healthguidance.org also strongly recommends yoga during pregnancy.


Preparing Yourself

How to prepare yourself before pregnancy so that you achieve stress-free natural birth? Yoga is the answer to that. Practice yoga on a daily basis. Practice meditation to clear your minds, ease away tensions, ward off stress elements and enjoy the whole nine months thinking happily about your little bundle of joy. It is recommended that pregnant ladies could read wonderful books like books on yoga or other peaceful, happy books that impart a feel good feeling. You could even plan in advance and read about taking care of your baby once he/she arrives. You could attend yoga classes, natural birthing classes, meditations, etc. You could also get some yoga DVD's or cd’s with soothing music and practice yoga in the comfort of your home.


Giving Birth Naturally

Giving birth, whatever way you do it, would be a major life-changing transformation for you. Suddenly, in a split second of time, you have turned to be a mother. A little baby, all vulnerable and little is in your arms, depending fully on you to even move a bit. A baby trusts you, his or her mom, with all the powers it has in its little body and soul. We could guarantee you no one else in this whole world would trust you and love you like your baby does. Whatever you do, you are his/her ultimate solace. That makes you too responsible as you have a little life clinging on to you with all its loving heart.


Giving birth naturally, maybe in a yoga spa birth can reduce the pain and you could actually enjoy the process of birthing with your husband and mother at your either side pampering you like a princess. All those fearful labor videos you had seen in films, a hospital, painful procedures, everyone running around, bloodstained sheets, all vanishes away as a bad dream and you realize birthing is actually a beautiful process. This can be achieved only through yoga and meditation.


When your little one emerges out after the final push and swims up to your chest to suck on those little drops of milk, you would just feel heavenly. Yoga makes this happen for you and meditation makes you achieve this blissful experience.

So, the next time when someone asks you how your pregnancy period was and birthing process, you would only reply, “Heavenly!”