27 May 2017

Excellent Dental Guideline During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a wonderful time in every woman’s lifetime. The feeling of life growing in your belly as you strive to give it as much nourishment as possible is how you show your maternal side. Following a hygienic routine is very important for the fetus to remain healthy. If you do not do so then there is a very high chance that you child might develop infections. Taking care of your teeth is also very important during this time. Dentist Syracuse recommends getting a regular checkup done to make sure all your teeth are in order. According to the experts at webmd.com, during pregnancy period there will be lot changes in your body due to hormones. These hormonal changes are the main reason for your baby's growth, and you will also go through many changes in your body chemistry. This is the reason why you have to give importance to your gums and teeth to keep it in a healthy condition.

Planning For A Baby
The best time to consult a dentist and getting treatment is before you get pregnant. First, you have to consult a dentist, when you and your partner have decided to add a baby to the family. Your dentist will do the standard dental cleaning procedure and check for any other potential problems that should be cured before pregnancy.

Before Delivery
· You will go through a lot of hormone changes in your body during pregnancy period. These changes may sometimes result in much health related issues including mouth problems such as swollen gums and gingivitis and dry-mouth. These kinds of problems will not happen at the initial stage but may slowly start after some weeks. Some study reports revealed that around 10% of the pregnant ladies get affected by granulomas problem. Your gum will turn purple color if you get affected by this problem. If you lose any teeth during pregnancy period, you have to consult your doctor immediately.

· You have to rinse your mouth as quick as possible if you are having any kinds of sicknesses in the morning. It is a good idea to change your regular toothpaste also to a mild one during pregnancy. You have to brush your teeth twice a day and follow your dentist's advice on how to clean your teeth properly during pregnancy period. Some ladies will have food in the midnight as well during pregnancy period. It is good to clean your mouth after every meal to avoid chances of getting cavities. Also, you can use some mouthwash fluoride to clean your mouth as advised your dentist.

· It is recommended to consult your dentist after 3 months of your pregnancy period to do a regular cleaning in order to maintain your gums and teeth in a healthy condition. Most importantly, you have to inform your dentist that you are pregnant so that your dentist will ensure to provide treatment accordingly. Your dentist may schedule another appointment also after six months to avoid any potential problems in future

After Delivery
You have to consume lots of good healthy foods so that you will not have any issue in feeding your baby. Make sure to clean your teeth after every meal to ensure good oral hygiene.