6 Jul 2016

The Four Best Methods For Hair Removal

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There are various hair removal methods available among them some methods are costly, some are painful, some are difficult and some are time-consuming. Here are the pros and cons of eight fuzz-fizzing shaving methods. In the website www.womenshairremovalinfo.com, you can find the different types of hair removal brands available in the market under the List of Articles Tab. You can read the below four methods and pick which one is suitable for you.

Among different types, shaving is the simplest one where you can do it on your own under the shower. It requires only an additional couple of minutes to shave larger portions like your legs. Shaving is the best option for your legs, bikini lines and underarms. There are high chances of cuts and nicks in shaving. But if you prefer razor that is specially designed for women you can easily handle the curves in your knees and ankles. You don’t forget to replace the blade often and lather well before shaving. It cuts only the hair above your skin and the hair will grow quickly again in less time.

The next method is using depilatory creams. These creams break the disulfide bonds present in the keratin of your hair. Since the bond is damaged you can rinse off your hair from the skin. The big drawback in this cream is since it is full of chemicals it has an unpleasant scent. You can use this cream for your upper lip, bikini area, legs and chin. You can buy the creams which are best suitable for your face since the creams for the face are gentler than for the legs.

Some claim that leaving the cream for a longer time causes irritation and redness to the skin, to avoid this you shouldn't leave it for more than five minutes. The depilatory creams work only on the upper portion of the skin and the hair grows back in a few days time.

The third option is waxing which is applied to the skin using wax strips. In this method, warm wax is applied to the skin in the same direction of the hair growth and then pulled off with the applied wax in the opposite direction. The heat in the wax makes the hair follicles to expand and it makes you remove the hair completely including the root. You can use it for small portions like upper lips, bikini area and eyebrows. It causes the hair ingrown particularly in the bikini portion. In waxing since the root is removed, the hair grows again only after four weeks. It is the more painful methods and you must avoid waxing during the menstrual time since your skin is more sensitive at that period.

The fourth method is threading and it is an elaborate method to remove the hair from the root. It is only best to remove the hairs in upper lips and eyebrows. It causes irritation when plucking the hair from the root and also the irritation is because of threading the same area multiple times to pluck the hair from the root completely. It is effective for six weeks.