3 Dec 2015

Two Methods Used In Rhinoplasty Atlanta

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Rhinoplasty Atlanta surgery is nothing but a nose surgery that will be handy in order to improve the look of the face. In some cases, this surgery will be used in order to improve the functionality of the nose. This procedure shall be done in two ways, and they are closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty. Both the procedures have their own advantage and disadvantage. As the name suggests, the open rhinoplasty is nothing but a surgical procedure. In this method, an external incision will be made between the nostrils. When it comes to the internal rhinoplasty, the incisions will be done in the inner area of the nose.

Normally, the preference of the surgery type will be done by the surgeon according to the patient's requirement. In the open rhinoplasty, the skin on the nose will be raised, and then the tip of the nose will be easily accessed here. This will ensure the possibility of succeeding in the operation is very high as the accessibility is more. When it comes to the disadvantage, the scarring is possible even when a tiny incision is done. In the closed rhinoplasty, the possibility of getting scars is very minimal in most of the cases there will be no scars at all. The technical aspects of the closed rhinoplasty will be more.

The closed as well as open rhinoplasty is used by many plastic surgeons for a very long time. The approach of the open rhinoplasty is considered to be easier than the closed rhinoplasty as the accessibility of the various nose areas is easier which in turn leads to a better result. So it will be advisable to use the closed rhinoplasty in order to make small changes in the nose. There will be a lot of technical challenges and limitations in this operation as the procedure has to be done through the small nostril holes.